Saturday, March 22, 2014

Good Enough to Eat: Brown Sugar Face Scrub

My skin has been looking a bit dry and congested these past few days… NOT a good look! I guess it was hankerin’ for a good ol’ fashioned scrubbin’! Although, I have to say I’ve never had a great experience with a scrub in the past. They tend to be too harsh for my sensitive skin :( Beside sensitivity issues, who knows what kind of crazy chemicals manufacturers are putting in this stuff! Wanting something with simple ingredients I can pronounce, I started to research some homemade scrubs and found the perfect mix of only 3 ingredients! As an added plus, you can find all of these ingredients right in your kitchen! 
Honey (a natural disinfectant), olive oil (a pure moisturizer) and brown sugar (a gentle exfoliator).
*I recommend using organic ingredients whenever possible!
‘Good Enough to Eat’ Face Scrub
You will need:
Olive Oil
Raw Honey
Light Brown Sugar 
1)  Warm 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (I warmed the oil for 10 sec. in the micro) and then mix in 3 tablespoons brown sugar.
2)  Add one tablespoon of raw honey and whisk into your scrub until everything is combined (Note that the olive oil will separate from the scrub a bit, but that’s okay!) 
3)  Apply  to a freshly washed and damp face. Gently scrub, concentrating on the rough patches and clogged pores. 
4)  Wash your scrub off with warm water.  I recommend washing with a light face wash after scrubbing to remove any residue. Follow with a moisturizer so your skin doesn’t lose moisture!
Enjoy your organic, homemade scrub!   
*Please note: I am not, nor do I claim to be a dermatologist. I cannot guarantee results. I would not recommend the use of this scrub on overly sensitive or irritation prone skin! You know your skin best, so use at your discretion!

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