Saturday, April 12, 2014

Breakfast YUM: Cinnamon Roll Pancake MADNESS

Oh pancakes… I’ve enjoyed you in nearly every form and flavor: classic, blueberry, red velvet, with whipped cream, ice cream, store bought, restaurant, homemade, and sooo many more delicious memories. The possibilities are endless! I thought I had tried them all…. that is until I sat down to eat a cinnamon roll one day (‘by sat down to eat’ I mean inhaling in two bites… let’s be real).
Anyway, I realized I have never had cinnamon roll pancakes. Cinnamon roll french toast, yes, but I am much more of a pancake girl. Dangerously so. The feelings I have about pancakes are similar to this:

YEAH, so I curiously googled cinnamon roll pancakes to find out if anyone has ever successfully mastered the mystery that is the cinnamon swirl, in pancake form. I got my answer from RECIPE GIRL here.
I followed the above recipe with a few changes:
*I added another half recipe to make enough for 3 people to have 4 pancakes each
*For the cream cheese glaze: After warming my recipe and a half in a small pot, I added about 1/4 cup of maple syrup to make it slightly sweet. 
*Lastly, after plating our pancakes and drizzling with our warm cream cheese and maple syrup glaze, we added a swirl of the melted brown sugar and cinnamon filling on top. This step really made a difference in the taste. Without it, the pancakes didn't taste enough like cinnamon rolls!

Happy pancake madness!
xoxo - Sugar Dame

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