Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Try This: Be Your Own Barista

I used to frequent those fancy corporate coffee and tea places… until I started to realize how much money I was spending! Not only that, but I find that a lot of those places are really just selling mediocre drinks, packed with a TON of sugar and empty calories.

The hubbs and I are both really into coffee and tea. We drink it several times a day. My motto has always been, “If you can do it yourself, great!” That applies to pretty much everything in life, and coffee and tea preparation is no exception. Not only are you in control of the flavor, but you can also bask in the satisfaction of learning and mastering a new skill… not to mention all the bucks you’ll be saving!

We found this cute cart at Ikea for around $50. Our cart is stocked with favorite teas, hot chocolate, coffee, an espresso machine, coffee press, grinder, cups and saucers. Complete your stock with flavored syrups, sugar cubes, etc. Get creative! Being your own barista is so much more fun. Have a stack of great reads nearby, (Maybe even a tip jar…??) and you’re set! 

Happy barista-ing!
xoxo - Sugar Dame

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