Sunday, April 27, 2014

Up-cycle Project: Wine Bottle Vase

I’ve recently started to really enjoy wine. There are so many different varieties! Drinking it makes this so-not-sophisticated girl feel like a sophisticated adult (except if I have one glass too many, but that’s another story!). Another thing I love about wine are the corks and bottles. It’s so fun to collect them. However, I have a rule about keeping recycle-able items: If you can give it new life, keep it. If not… into the recycle bin it goes. Luckily for wine bottles, they make really pretty and unique vases :]
Here’s the how-to:
  1. Empty a wine bottle (you’ve got that part covered, right?)
  2. Rinse it out and peel the label off
  3. If there is label residue, just soak it in some warm water for a few minutes, and it should slide right off
  4. Once the bottle is dry, tape off a simple, bold design with painter’s tape.
  5. Use any color of spray paint you desire (I chose gold, but I would love to try out some bright colors!) You may need a few coats to get an even, solid color. Just let the paint dry in between each coat.
  6. After the paint is completely dry, carefully peel off your painter’s tape to reveal your design!

Happy up-cycling!
xoxo - Sugar Dame

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