Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Basket Organization DIY

I am so excited about this project! This is one of those great projects that leave you feeling really accomplished. I literally walk into the bathroom several times a day just to open the cabinets and bask in the glory of this organizational diy!

I have been wanting to do something about this disaster of a bathroom cabinet for nearly two years now! I finally got it in my brain to look for some little baskets to separate all of our junk necessities. Luckily, I found the perfect size baskets at the perfect price: $1 each! (Dolla' store holla' store!) That's something I usually say when I'm alone...

Besides the clutter, the paint inside the cabinets was chipping away pretty badly. I just took a paint chipping tool, and smoothed everything out before repainting. I chose a bold, bright paint to add a pop of color to the otherwise tame color palette in bathroom. I really love the way the color makes the baskets stand out!

I used to be pretty embarrassed about the idea of guests opening that bathroom cabinet to take a peek inside, but I'm so proud of how this project turned out I hope everyone takes a look! All it took was under $10 worth of baskets, and a little bright paint for a complete makeover.

Happy home revamping and DIYing!

xoxo Sugar Dame

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