Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pretty Summer Flower Vases

Oh summer... love your long days, backyard bbqs, sweet breeze, endless ice cream cones and lovely blooming flowers. When there are lovely, blooming flowers, there should be lovely, bloom-worthy vases nearby! That's where this diy comes in. Simple, bold design in bright colors that perfectly compliment summer blooms.

Here is what you will need to make your own summer bloom vases:

  • Tall, cylindrical glass vases (I found these beauts at the dollar store) 
  • Painters tape
  • White matte-finish spray paint
  • Bright acrylic paints

How to:

Start by taping off your vases about one inch above the base, skip an inch, and tape off the top of your vases, leaving the glass free to be painted. Coat the exposed parts of the vases with white spray paint and set aside to dry. Once your spray painted vases are dry, paint over the white paint with a stroke of bright acryllic paint. Once the paint is completely dry, gently remove your painters tape. Done!

I am so in love with the way these vases turned out! So pretty!

Happy summer-ing! 

xoxo - Sugar Dame

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