Friday, September 5, 2014

Upcycled Organization Dish

I hate to be wasteful. I will always make an attempt to recycle, upcycle, revamp, give away/donate, etc. before tossing anything in the trash. We just went through our cupboards at home in an attempt to clear out some of the dozens of dishes that we have collected over the years. We just really don't need 100 mugs for two people! Anyway, I found a great set of black dishes and decided to offer them to my brother (he's moving into his first apartment!). At the last minute, I decided to keep two of the smaller dishes for a quick diy. Y'all know how much I love my gold spraypaint, and these little dishes were the perfect candidate for a makeover.

What you need:

  • Dark, solid color dishes
  • Gold spray paint
  • Painter's tape
  • Scissors

How to:
  1. Clean and dry your dishes. Choose a pattern and tape off any part of the dish that you do not want painted. You will most likely need to cut your painters tape into thin pieces if you are trying to complete a design similar to the one I chose. 
  2. Smooth out your painters tape to make sure it is stuck tightly to your dishes. If not, the paint might bleed.
  3. Spray at least two coats of gold paint on your plates. Let dry before peeling off your painters tape to reveal the design! 

These didn't turn out perfect, probably because of the complexity of the design I chose... but hey, they still look great! If I always waited for perfection, I would get nothing accomplished. Ha!


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