Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tissue Paper Art

Ever wanted to incorporate some bold design to your walls, but found that your wallet just wasn't feeling it? Yeah, we've all been there! Why not create your own art with just a few simple items? All you need is a blank canvas, and a brush. Not the artistic type? This little diy project is so un-intimidating (totally, probably not a word but whatever), that even the 'math was my favorite subject in school' type can conquer it.

Here's what you will need:

A large, blank canvas (find them at your local arts and crafts store)
Tissue paper in 3 different colors
Black paint
A paintbrush
Mod podge, or a simple white glue and water mix

  1. Pick 3 tissue paper colors. Cut 3 different size circles (1 out of each tissue color). I just cut free-hand. 
  2. Using your brush, paint on some mod podge or a simple water and white glue mix, to the canvas in the size of your largest circle. Gently lay the circle over the adhesive and smooth onto the surface of the canvas. Brush some more adhesive over the top to seal it. (Don't brush too hard! The tissue will tear)
  3. Repeat 2 more times with your remaining tissue circles, overlapping each one a bit.
  4. Add a little black paint in any simple design you wish (keep it simple, simple, simple!)

See? Easy-peasy right? Wrong? Well if the latter is the case, email me if you are interested in buying a print! Either way, I've got you covered!


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