Thursday, December 4, 2014

DIY Framing Paper

Happy Thursday! I don't often TBT, but these last few rainy days have kept me in the house and put me in a nesting mood. Cleaning, organizing, and finally finishing up a few half-done projects. First on my list, these framed paper dolls from CrankBunny. I ordered these online a little over two years ago for our wedding. We had a really fun Carnival themed wedding, and these paper dolls were at our head table. I threw them in a frame to keep them safe and visible... but, if I'm being honest, it was sort of half-assed. I know. That sounds terrible, right? Real talk, though... if you've had a wedding, you know oh-too-well how it is after all of the planning and partying is over. Who has the energy?

I finally drew up a simple backing to display these babies the way they deserve! It was, fun, easy and really made a difference. The same technique can be used to create personalized scrap-booking paper, wrapping paper, etc.

What you need:

Plain white printer paper
Sharpies in varied colors

How to:

Choose a simple design, and just repeat it on a few sheets of paper. It's that simple!

...and here's a TBT wedding photo :)


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