Monday, January 12, 2015

Blues and Blue Jeans

It's monday! Finally a day off to re-group. To be honest, I've been feeling sort of down-in-the-dumps lately. The truth is, I was pretty content at the end of 2014. My world became a great balance of work and play. I learned some really helpful ways to deal with my anxiety and stress... I was totally proud of all of my accomplishments! With the new year, I began to compare my life with the lives of other people...even some people I don't even know! While building my business and fueling my blogging and creative passions, I was comparing my advances to others from photos on Instagram! I know that sounds so silly, but you can't deny that we have all been there (am I right?). At some point or another we have all compared ourselves (our successes, failures...pore size!) to someone else, without having any real insight to what their lives are actually like. I guess I sort of got caught up in the idea that the new year would magically bring me all the answers. Like the glass slipper would fit, and I would live happily ever after, without a care. Not only did that glass slipper not fit, my jeans barely did either from all the holiday indulgences I had been enjoying. I felt pressured, anxious and less than motivated. I took some days off of social media, blogging and creating to  After a few days of pity parties,  I have realized that I shouldn't have to feel the need to prove anything to anyone, and that I was putting unnecessary pressure on myself. I have so much to be proud of. I am an outstanding mother to a furry bulldog baby, I work hard, make a conscious effort not to be wasteful, and try to tell people everyday that I appreciate them. I am extremely thankful for my supportive family and friends, and I'm really very lucky. Life can get crazy, but life is short. With all of those resolutions out there, here's mine: To choose happiness, and celebrate every tiny victory, every single day.


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