Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Light Switch Plate Makeover

We are halfway through the week, guys! This week has actually flown by, but I have been pretty busy so that's probably why. I've pretty much been holed up in the house for the past few days cleaning and re-arranging things. It feel so good to stand back and look at the finished product. The house feels so refreshed and uncluttered! I also tackled a bunch of little projects, and in doing so I realized how much of a difference those 'little things' actually make! For example, some of our light switches have been missing plates since we moved in. I've had the plates the whole time but.... I just never put them back on. That kind of job literally takes about 5 seconds, but somehow I just never made the time. Now I'm glad I never put them back up until now. If I had, I wouldn't have had the idea of sprucing them up with washi tape! The process is so easy, you can't even call it a process and the result is so pretty!

What you need:

Plain light switch plates
Washi tape

How to:

Clean off the plates if they aren't brand new to remove any dust, finger prints, etc. Make sure they are dry before you start taping. Choose your desired Washi tape and design. I kept it pretty simple with bold tape and horizontal striping. Tape across the face of your plates and tuck any excess to the back of the plate. I think this looks better than just cutting it off because you wont be able to see the tape ends, or risk peeling over time. You can tape right over the screw holes because the tape is easy to pierce when screwing the plates into place. Same goes for the switch opening, only you will use a pair of scissors to cut the tape down the middle. Tuck away both sides. Now all you have to do is screw the plates back on. Ta-da! Bold, new light plates.

Just a little color goes a long way in bringing your house together!


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