Monday, February 16, 2015

Lunch Lessons: Power Salads

Monday, Monday, Monday... 

A new week means a new chance to change up your meal routine. I hate to admit, but both the hubbs and I are pretty lousy at eating a good lunch. We are both busy and often grab a quick (maybe unhealthy) lunch or skip it altogether. We are late risers, so maybe the fact that our breakfast comes dangerously close to noon-time has something to do with why we often overlook lunch. We were talking about eating habits one day, and he mentioned that he was jonesing for a really great salad. I had been seeing salads in a jar all over 'the internets' and so we came up with the idea to try a 'power salad challenge' for 5 days. We journeyed out to Wholefoods and Trader Joe's for some decent produce and proteins. Luckily, Wholefoods also sells single mason jars, so it worked out perfectly. For 5 days, we layered our salad ingredients in our large jars every morning. When we were ready for lunch, we just shook up our jars to mix everything together, unscrewed the lid and dug in. We enjoyed our meals so much, this might just become a regular thing!

What you need:

A large, glass mason jar with lid
An array of fresh fruits and veggies
Dressing (homemade or store bought)
Salad toppings/add ins (dried fruits, nuts, croutons, cheese)
Protein (Chicken, eggs, beans, tofu)
Grains (Rice, quinoa)

How to:

Add your dressing first, to the bottom of your jar. Layer with a base like spinach, kale, etc. Then layer with add ins: shredded carrot, diced tomatoes, cucumber, nuts, cheese, protein, grains, etc. Whatever your heart, or appetite desire. Suggestions: Chinese chicken salad, Greek salad, 
southwestern salad, sweet and savory salad.

You'll feel so good filling your body with such a nutrient dense and delicious lunch, it might just become your go-to meal! 



  1. I'm going to try this. I eat like crap and this is such a great idea! :) Yum!!!


    1. LOL! Thanks Jessica! This is a great way to fit in a healthy and delicious meal! Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!