Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pretty Potted Plants

It's been a rainy start to the week, and I took full advantage of hibernating. I love the rain, but I'm a bit under the weather so I enjoyed it from inside the house. Being in the house inevitably means nesting, cleaning, re-arranging things and creating new things. One of the projects on my list has been to add a few plants to the inside of the house, buuuut I wasn't diggin' the plain terra cotta pots I got from the hardware store. I don't believe in buying expensive, fancy pots either. I break everything so it would just be a waste of money. Plus, I think it's way more fun to design your own

What you need:

Plain terra cotta plant pots (and plants to put in them!)
Bright paint
Blank label stickers in neon colors
A whole punch
A paint brush

How to:

I chose a simple design. When using bold colors, it's usually a good idea to keep things simple. To achieve the look I got here, I just painted short strokes vertically across the top, and then repeated the same design by starting right under the empty spaces from above. For the dotted pot, I just used a single hole punch to punch out different color dots from simple label stickers. They are a bit tricky to peel because they are so small, but the result looks so pretty, it's totally worth it!

Now get to plantin' and create some art for your home at the same time!


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