Monday, April 13, 2015

Easiest Ever Shoe Organizer

Happy Monday! Over the weekend, I tackled some major house chores. I was a serious, organizing machine with Bond-like reflexes. I'm not even exaggerating. One mission I completed was cleaning our bedroom. I had to pick everything up off the floor (i.e., clothes, shoes, dog toys) so that I could vacuum the carpet. To be honest, I usually put all of my shoes back on the floor after vacuuming because I like seeing all of my options, but the boudoir looked so fresh that I just couldn't bear it. Earlier this year, I moved all of my clothes into my office closet so that the hubbs and I would both have more space for our wardrobes. Okay, real talk... he started to buy too many pairs of shoes and was complaining that he needed more closet space..... So anywho, I finally moved my shoes into my closet, but found that there really wasn't ample room for them all to fit nicely without stacking them. I decided to create an easy shoe rack with things I already had in the house. My dad always used to display his books with homemade bookshelves that were basically wood planks and bricks, so I borrowed this concept using two shelves and paperback books. My shoe rack works like a dream, and I didn't spend a dime, or much of my time. Hey, a rhyme! Ok, I'll quit.

What you need:

Two wood planks
A bunch of books (quantity varies depending on how much height you want between shelves)
Spraypaint, optional


How to:

I took two wood planks, and spray painted them white. Let dry overnight before building your shoe rack if you decide to paint your planks. Stack some books evenly on both sides to create a base for the first shelf. Place one shelf on top. Stack more books evenly on both sides of your first shelf to create the base for the next shelf. I stopped here, but you can repeat for a taller shelf space. I put all of my flats on the bottom shelves, and left the top for my heels and boots! I will need to end up adding another shelf or so, but I really love how neatly everything fits into my closet now!

Happy handmade organizing!



  1. why didnt i think of this!!!!
    you can also use cinder blocks (which for some reason, we have a lot of!) ive seen it done with plants....ahhh! im so excited to try it out!

    1. Yay! So glad you like the idea! My dad used to make them with cinder blocks/bricks! Plants sound awesome! It would look so pretty!

  2. that is super cute! what a great/easy idea.. plus, If you turned the books sideways, you'd be able to still read the titles ;)

    1. Thank you! Yes! So easy! I agree, I'd prefer them so you can see the titles/book colors...but it took up extra shoe space! Lol. Thanks for reading!