Monday, April 27, 2015

Upcycle Project: Craftsman Tool Box

Happy Monday! I was able to get so many of my 'to-dos' done this past weekend, and I'm feeling really creative and accomplished (insert thumbs up emoji here)! For almost a year now, there was an old, rusty, red craftsman tool box in our driveway. I'd moved it from the driveway to the trash, and then back again so many times. I couldn't think of a use for it, but I didn't want to just toss the thing either. I really felt bad for an inanimate object, yes. It just looked so sad! I decided to do something about it, so I puffed up my chest and got to work. Although this project was time consuming due to cleaning and drying time, it was actually easy to accomplish. This is now one of my very favorite projects, ever!

What you need:

Fine grain sand paper
Strong gloves (I used strong, cloth gardening gloves)
Spraypaint (I used a powder pink and metallic gold)
A drop cloth or large trash bag
A small tool (wrench or screwdriver)
An old hand towel, or other cloth.

How to:

This entire process should be done outdoors. I started by cleaning it off. Like I said, it was outside for about a year. I removed all of the drawers first. To remove the drawers, pull them almost all the way out and find the groove on each side. Use a small tool to push in the metal prong that locks the drawers into place. As you push this in, pull the drawer all the way out and it should come free, Clean out the drawers if needed and set aside to dry. I sprayed off the entire box with a hose, inside and out, then turned it over to let it dry. Once dry, put on your gloves and gently sand down the entire box to prepare it for a new coat of paint. Some parts of this box had some bad scratches and rust, so I sanded them down to the original silver. Use an old cloth to wipe down the entire box, removing any of the dust from sanding. Remove the plastic 'Craftsman' log easily by just pulling it gently from the two holes on either side. It will pop right back into place later. Put down your drop cloth or large trash bag. Place a drawer on its hind quarters so that the face of the drawer is facing upwards. Lean it against something to prop it up on an angle. I used another spray paint can to accomplish this. Spray the face of the drawer with spray paint (I used gold). Repeat until each drawer is done. Set aside to dry. Spray paint the 'Craftsman' logo the same color as the drawers, and set aside to dry. Place the entire tool box on your drop cloth. Open the lid and spray the entire box with spray paint. I used Rustoleum brand, which is great for heavy duty paint jobs. After the first coat is done, let it dry completely before doing the second, and if necessary, third coats. I used about 1 1/2 bottles of spray paint. Let the entire box dry outside for at least 4 hours. I let it dry overnight. Once dry, put the drawers back in and you're ready to go!

Look at how happy the little box looks now! Pretty and functional (Dance party emojis right up in here)!!!

Have a great week!

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  1. this is beautiful! now I will be on the lookout for a used tool box so I can do this, too :)