Monday, May 4, 2015

Fancy DIY Spring Cupcakes

Happy Monday! Now that the work day is over, it's time for something fun. For a long time, my favorite way to unwind after a long day, was to bake something. I've loved baking for as long as I can remember, but somewhere along the way I sort of lost that passion. A few years ago, I started selling baked goods for some extra cash. I loved baking pretty things so much, I figured I might as well earn money doing something I enjoyed. Well, with a full-time job, I was baking after work late into the night and it caught up with me pretty quickly. I was stressed out, not sleeping enough, and it just became too much work for one person. I experienced a major burn out, gave it up, and I didn't bake much at all for a long time. Recently, I've started up again, little by little, and now I remember how fun it can be to get a sweet idea, and make it come to life.

These cupcakes are easy to re-create in your own style, and are perfect to celebrate Spring! They would also make a great Mother's Day celebration treat! Use your own favorite chocolate cupcake recipe, or other flavor if you don't like chocolate (... right, like that's a thing).

What you need:

Mini flower pots
*(I found these at the dollar tree, and just removed the faux flowers and washed them before use. Terra cotta pots would also be really cute, just a little more pricey.)

Chocolate sandwich cookies
Vanilla frosting
Piping bags (ziplock bags work great, too!)
An assortment of frosting tips
Food coloring (green, pink, yellow and purple)

How to: Bake your cupcakes according to the directions in standard size cupcake liners and tin. Let cool completely before continuing. Remove the cream centers of your chocolate sandwich cookies, and discard (in the trash or in your mouth, no judgement). Put the cookies into a ziplock bag and crush with a rolling pin. Transfer the cookie crumbs into a bowl and set aside. Whip up some buttercream frosting, or use store bought frosting, whatever you like best. Frost each cupcake lightly with frosting, just enough to get the cookie crumbs to stick. Dip the cupcake into cookie crumbs to coat evenly, hiding the frosting. Divide the remaining frosting into four separate bowls, and add a bit of food coloring into each one to create your four colors. Transfer your frosting into piping or ziplock bags, each one with a different frosting tip. Use your green frosting to pipe some sprouts on a few cupcakes, and use the colors to create different flowers on any remaining cupcakes. Place each cupcake into your mini flower pots! Click the link below for an east tutorial, showing you how to create flowers out of frosting for help.

Frosting Flowers Tutorial

I'm hoping that I can get back into the swing of things and share regular baking posts :)

Have fun baking!

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