Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ikea Hack: Color Blocked Stools

Hey there! Time to share another easy Ikea hack! We used to have a red table top, but I have been wanting to freshen up our dining room space, so we replaced it with a light faux wood top. With the fresh, new top, our folding chairs just weren't going to cut it anymore. Being the thrifty woman that I am, I went looking for some inexpensive stools at Ikea. I found the ones I used here for $4.99 each! That's five dollars! Five dollars! I wanted to keep the dining room a neutral color palette with little pops of color, so I decided to paint the legs of the stools only. The result is just what I'd imagined, and I couldn't be happier (neither could my wallet).

Here's what you need:

These Ikea Stools
Painters Tape
Spray Paint

How to:

After you assemble the stools (so easy!), place them upright on a drop cloth of some kind (outside, of course). Tape just above the area you want to be painted, and spray on you paint. I only needed to do one coat, but you may let dry and spray another coat as needed. Let them dry completely before removing the tape. Enjoy your little pop of color! It makes all the difference!

Have a great weekend!

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