Monday, June 8, 2015

Semi-Homeade: Fancy Cake in a Pinch

As someone who bakes cake for part of her living, it's probably obvious that I love to make extravagant creations from scratch. However, I am also a very busy lady who has a part time job and various other projects happening on the side on top of baking. That being said, I am all for a semi-homemade treat when that's all that time will allow (also when I can't bear to wait that long for something sweet to hit these lips). I do like to try and add something special to a grocery store treat to make it my own, and this pretty little cake could not be a better example. It's so easy to make a show-stopper treat without the sleep-depriving work, and here's how:

What you need:

A plain bundt cake (any flavor)
Icing (purchased or homemade)
Fresh flowers, trimmed and clean
Fresh fruit
Food coloring (optional)
A pretty stand or plate

How to:

Remove the cake from its original packaging, and place on some parchment paper to prepare for icing. If using pre-made frosting from the store, scoop some out into a microwave safe bowl. Add some food coloring if desired. Warm it up for about 15 seconds or until it is a runny consistency. You may need to add some milk to thin it out a bit. If you are making your own, just use an easy royal icing recipe. Drizzle the icing over the top of the entire cake, letting some drip down the sides. Place the cake in the fridge to help the icing set. Trim an clean your flowers, and prepare any fruit you want to use. We opted to make some chocolate dipped strawberries. Place the cake on a pretty stand or plate, and arrange the flowers in the middle. Adorn with berries if desired, or just serve with berries as an option.

This will definitely come in handy this summer, when it gets too hot to bake!

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