Thursday, July 9, 2015

DIY Photo Wall with Social Print Studio

The only camera I use to take pictures/capture memories is the camera on my phone. My favorite pictures usually end up on Instagram, because I love sharing them right away. It's great that all of my favorite photo memories are right there on my phone, in the palm of my hand... the not so great part, is that all of my favorite photo memories are only on my phone! I was so thrilled to find Social Print Studio (formerly online, where you can upload your favorites straight from your Instagram account on your phone! Just log in using your Instagram account, choose your favorite photos, the size, and check out! You'll receive your perfectly printed photos in the mail. I opted to print the standard size Square Prints (24 prints for $12) for this particular project, and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out!

What you need:

An active Instagram account chock full of your fave photos
A blank wall

How to:

Log onto the Social Print Studio site, and choose the photos you want to print. Choose the standard Square Photo size for this particular project. Once you get your photos in the mail, all you need is some strong tape (double sided works best) and a blank wall. Arrange your photos however you desire, or in a similar fashion to what I did: 6 even rows, 4 photos across.

I love how easy Social Print Studio makes this project! The result is so much fun, definitely one of my favorite photo displays in our home. This project is double awesome just because it is renter friendly! No need to punch holes in any walls :)

Happy printing!


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