Friday, July 31, 2015

Pretty Little Things: Painted Serving Tray DIY

TGIF! Are you ready for the weekend? If you happen to be planning a little get-together this weekend, I have the prettiest (easiest, and cheapest) DIY to share. Even if you have nothing planned, this pretty little tray will give you a reason! You can use the extra cash you'll be saving from this DIY on things that really matter... like wine...and cheese.

What you'll need:

A clear plastic serving tray (Hello Dollar Tree!)
Acrylic Paint in bright colors
A clear, waterproof coating (Like mod podge)
A thin paint brush
*Painters tape

How to:

*I found a great tray that already had a great texture/pattern on the underside, which made painting a quick pattern really easy. A clear, smooth tray will work as well, but you may need some painters tape to help make a neat and tidy paint job.

Turn the tray over and paint random, geometric shapes with bright colors on the underside. You will most likely need to paint multiple coats to really make the color pop. Just make sure that you let each coat dry before applying the next. Once you are satisfied with your design, and the paint is dry, apply a clear coat to seal in the paint. Let the clear coat dry overnight, and hand-wash only after use.

Have a great weekend!


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