Monday, August 10, 2015

Re-purpose DIY: From the Grocery Aisle to the Office

Happy Monday! You work hard for your money, no? Of course you do! Why not make it work hard for you, in return? This is why I am crazy for re-purposing! You get the most bang for your buck, and then some! After clocking long hours, you've got bills to pay, mouths to feed... and shoes to buy, that you'll inevitably feel guilty about. A good, ol'fashioned re-purpose project will help curb those 'after-shoe-buying-blues'. You know those empty egg and fruit cartons from your last grocery haul? Grab 'em out of the recycling bin (and if you are pulling them out of the trash, please don't tell me), get your spraypaint, and re-purpose those babies like there's no tomorrow! By re-purposing something you have already spent good $$ on, you are really stretching that dollar to make it work for you. It's doing cartwheels for you right now. Plus, you are taking back the amount that you spent on the packaging...because yes, the cost of the packaging is included in the price that you just paid for those sweet, sweet strawberries. Tossing them out, when you could re-use them for a more practical purpose, is like throwing your loose change in the garbage. Plus, plus, you don't feel so guilty buying those shoes now do you...ahhhh.

What you need:

Empty, clean egg carton with the top removed (don't use a carton if a cracked egg leaked)
Empty, clean berry baskets

How to:

Spray your cartons with brightly colored paints. Tiffany blue and gold are always a good choice. Let dry and spray another coat if needed. Let dry completely before using.

This is so simple, that there really isn't any excuse for not re-purposing these items and giving them new life!

Have a great week, and think about how you can re-use/re-purpose everyday items!


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