Thursday, October 29, 2015

Good Girl Faith, and a Tight Little Skirt

Trying to slow down over here a bit, lately. After a few weeks of not-so-fun feelings of exhaustion and anxiety from a few months of wearing myself too thin, I'm just trying to really enjoy the little things. I've always been a woman who wears many (arguably too many) hats, a 'Jaqueline' of all trades, if you will... I sometimes have a hard time admitting that I need a day off (and maybe an entire pan of brownies). Now, about this dress. I've only worn it around the house until the day I took these photos. I absolutely love this form fitting dress, but I found out quickly that you could see right through it. I felt that I had to acquire the right undies before I was comfortable wearing this beauty in the light of day (ha!). I'm honestly not usually too concerned about these kind of things, I mean, at least people would know I'm wearing some, right? In this case, however, I preferred that the dress be the center of attention, and not my underwear.

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