Monday, November 9, 2015

My Sensitive Skincare Routine

Happy Monday! Since I receive comments/compliments about my skin every now and then, I thought it would be fun to share my skincare routine. I've always been particular about skincare, and take it very seriously! I have sensitive skin, so let me start by saying that my complexion has been all over the place over the years. I was lucky enough to have a relatively decent complexion during my teen years, but I have also been through times when my skin just could not be pleased! Because I have sensitive skin, I had to find products/methods that worked for me, through trial and tribulation. My skin tends to lean towards the oilier side, so I assumed that I should use products to control oily skin and acne. I must have tried dozens of products over the years before deciding that most products containing salicylic acid, and other ingredients commonly used to fight blemishes, actually caused me to break out! My sensitive skin would rebel with itchy patches, and even puffy, irritated eyes! Not a great look, let me tell you. I finally decided to give my skin a break and try a super simple, no fuss routine: soap free, fragrance free, gentle and effective!

My go-to products:

Olay Sensitive Skin Foaming Face Wash
Mary Kay Facial Brush
Mary Kay Timewise Moisturizer
Coconut oil (to remove eye makeup)
Evan Healy Green Tea Clay Mask

My routine:

I only wash my face once a day, at night before bed. Religiously. I will NOT go to bed without washing off my makeup. This is absolutely necessary for a clear, happy complexion. If you feel like you are the type to fall asleep in your makeup (I'm talking to both of my sisters, and my mom here), keep some makeup remover wipes by your bed, at the very least! Anyway, I start by splashing my face with lukewarm water (too hot can really dry out your skin and too cold can close up your pores, keeping you from achieving that deep clean). I gently remove my mascara and eye makeup with a soft cotton pad and coconut oil. Coconut oil makes the best eye makeup remover! Plus, it really moisturizes and softens the delicate skin around your eye area. Next, I lather up some facewash in my hands and lightly go over my entire face before rinsing. Now I pump some facewash onto my facial brush and slowly go over my skin, while letting the brush do the hard work. Last, I rinse with lukewarm water, pat dry, and apply moisturizer over my entire face and neck while my skin is still dewy. Sometimes I'll apply a little eye cream or a dab more of coconut oil under my eyes before hitting the sheets!

When I want a really deep clean I'll apply my favorite facial mask. Ever since discovering this mask at Wholefoods, it's the only one I use. It's so effective, I only feel the need to use it a once or twice a month. It's powdered gold, I tell you! Or, err, actually it's green, but that's beside the point. (Just a heads up: this mask tightens as it dries, and pulls impurities from your skin. Your skin will look a bit red when you remove it, so I recommend using it before bed.)  It comes in a powdered clay formula, and you just add water. I will usually just pour a tsp. or so into my hand and add a little water until it's the consistency I want, and apply to clean skin. I leave the mask on for at least 10 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. I moisturize right after.

While these skin products have definitely made a difference in my complexion, I want to point out that what you put in your body is just as important, if not more so. If you want clear, smooth and dewy skin, water is key. Drink lots and lots of water everyday to help flush toxins from your body and hydrate from the inside out. I am also a huge believer in the powers of green tea. I drink at least two cups of unsweetened green tea everyday. Excessive coffee, alcohol consumption, smoking, refined sugar, etc. will show through your skin.  As far as nutrition goes, a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables will work wonders for your complexion. Don't get me wrong, I love indulging in pizza, french fries and sweets... but everything in moderation, my friends. Regular arobic exercise is also key for a glowing complexion. So, to sum it all up, nothing you put on your skin is going to be the magic potion for healthy, glowing skin if you aren't taking care of your body!

*This is just an example of a routine that works for me, but isn't guaranteed to work for each individual person/skintype.

Have a great week!


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