Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fancy Dollar Store Plant Pants

Hellloooo! Long time no-post, sorry! Life has been cray cray, as I'm sure y'all can understand. I took the time yesterday to really relax and enjoy, and gave my houseplants a little makeover. I know when I'm feeling blue, a great outfit can really make a difference in my mood. The same goes for these little plant pots. My plant friends have been sitting in the frumpy pots that I brought them home in from Home Depot, and those dumpy pots started to affect my mood. My plants looked like they needed a little boost. I found these great white pots at the Dollar Tree, and decided that a colorful DIY makeover was in order. Don't they look so fresh and pretty?!

What you need:

White pots (plastic or terra cotta painted white)
Colorful permanent makers (like Sharpie!)

How to:

It's really fun and simple. Just draw whatever design your heart desires on each pot. Voila! You have just designed a line of totally fabulous plant pants!

Have a great week!


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