Saturday, September 24, 2016

DIY Cooling Green Tea Eye Cream

I love a good DIY, especially when it can save me on beauty products. Plus, when you make something yourself, you know exactly what's going into it and onto your skin.  My main skin concern has always been the delicate area around my eyes (my sisters and eye have been using anti-aging eye cream since our teen years), but a lot of products that I have tried end up irritating my sensitive skin, doing more harm than good. I don't even want to go into how many times I've gone to bed after applying a new (and expensive) "miracle" cream, only to wake up with red, itchy, puffy eyes.... Not a great look.

This year, I started to make a conscious effort to really think about what I'm putting into and onto my body, so it only made sense to look into a naturally effective eye cream alternative. I did my research and found a DIY concoction that consists of things I already had in my kitchen: green tea, sweet almond oil and coconut oil. Here's a little breakdown of the benefits of each ingredient:

Green Tea - With strong antioxidant and antibiotic properties. Green tea has been proven to be effective in battling aging skin. Plus, the caffeine boots circulation helping to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Sweet Almond Oil - Conditions the skin to help promote a natural glow. Helps to lighten dark spots over time.

Coconut Oil - Super moisturizing with antibiotic and antiviral properties that actually help heal skin. 

You can considers these babies the 'Charlie's Angels' of under eye beauty. They each possess their own special set of skills, and when you put them together they totally kick ass. 

DIY Cooling Green Tea Eye Cream


2 Tbsp. unrefined coconut oil
1 Tbsp. sweet almond oil
1 green tea bag
1 clean container with a lid (little toiletry travel containers are the best)

How to:

Using the double-boiler method, melt coconut oil and sweet almond oil on low heat until fully combined. Remove from heat, cut open the green tea bag and add the loose leaves into the melted oils. Let steep for 15 minutes. Once the mixture is cooled, transfer into a small, clean container with a lid. Store in the fridge to keep cool. To apply, simply swirl your finger over the solid product and gently pat in around the eye area. 


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