Thursday, February 23, 2017


We all have rituals. Whether it's that morning cup of coffee (or two), a daily jog or yoga practice, reading before bed, etc. I have a few of my own, specifically geared towards self-care, like baths and daily meditation. Crystals, salts, oils, teas and candles are a big part of my favorite rituals. I believe in the calming/healing/powerful properties that these items hold, and I use them for different purposes. I carry bergamot oil in my bag for when I'm feeling particularly nervous and need to feel grounded. I use bath salts to relax and restore my fatigued muscles after a workout or long day. I have crystals for different purposes (protection, healing, anxiety, balance, etc.) and I wear a moonstone ring everyday. I love lighting candles, and drinking teas that work naturally with my body. Here are some of my favorite things that play a big part in my daily rituals:

Crystals - I've always been drawn to stones and crystals. Yes, they're beautiful and unique, but I also believe in the healing and empowering properties that they hold.

Sage - Smudging is new to me, and I love the ritual of cleansing my home with sage. My favorite way to use sage is to let the light smoke (sort of like insense) fill each corner of each room in the house. Then I open all the windows and watch as the smoke is pulled out of the house. I like to imagine that all negativity is pulled out with it.

One of my favorite rituals is my daily tea intake. I try to support my body in the most natural, holistic ways I can, and I often turn to herbal teas. Traditional Medicinals is one of my favorite brands of teas.

I used to think aromatherapy was hogwash (yes, I used the term hogwash), but it is an age-old method that is proven to be very effective in balancing, calming and revitalizing your senses. I love adding lavender to a bath, combining rosemary with lavender and apricot oil to support healing, and I use bergamot daily to support and calm my nervous system.

What are some of your favorite rituals?

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