Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Favorites: Coming Up Roses

Happy Friday! I'm currently obsessed with anything and everything rose: Rose colored, rose scented, rose flavored... you get it. Rose is so subtle and pretty, and makes a wonderful addition to beauty products. I also really love discovering new beauty products. I just received my first order from cult favorite Glossier this week and I'm really impressed. I think these products really live up to the hype, and I'm excited to try more of this brand. Although these products aren't made from 100% natural ingredients, I like the message behind the brand. They encourage you to accept your flaws and show off your skin instead of covering it up. I have also been loving these natural anti-aging products from Kiehl's, another long-time cult favorite band wagon I am just now jumping on.  Here's a list of my current favorite obsessions:

Glossier Stretch Concealer $18 - This product appealed to me because it claimed to be like second skin. I have some hereditary darkness under my eyes and have nearly literally tried every concealer on the market. My under eye area also tends to be sort of dry, which is not a great base for concealer. Needless to say, my under eye area is my biggest skin concern. I am happy to say that this product did not disappoint! A lot of reviews I read said that this product was too sheer, but I totally disagree. I think it beautifully smooths imperfections and it is so ridiculously smooth and moisturizing... AND it stays put. You would think something so creamy would slide around, but there was barely a crease to be found hours and hours after application. The best part? This stuff is totally build-able (another claim I read about the product that did not disappoint) without being cakey or heavy. Do you get that I LOVE IT?

Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze $18 - Glossier totally gets me with their simple, pretty and fun packaging. These little paint tubes are filled with skin plumping, build-able color that looks flattering on virtually every skin tone. I really dig a healthy flush, so I chose their deepest berry color to try. It's so pretty! It looked a little intimidating when I squeezed a drop out of the tube, but it goes on very sheer until you build it up. Pretty much goof-proof, which I love because I am no make-up guru. 

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate $46 - I've used some light-weight anti-aging products since I was in my teens (mama is a long time Mary Kay lady), but now that I'm in my thirties, I decided to step it up a bit. I've been blessed with the 'still look like I'm 12' genes, and I'd like to keep it that way. This product is an expert concoction of essential oils and claims to reveal younger looking skin overnight. A little goes a long way, and I add a few drops into my moisturizer at night before hitting the sheets. After just a few days, my skin felt noticeably smoother (like crazy smooth) and my fine lines diminished. Plus, it smells good and is super easy peasy. I'm sold. 

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye $37 - As I mentioned above, my under eye area has been my main skin concern for years. I've tried so many (so, so many) under eye creams over the years, but I have pretty sensitive skin and most have crazy ingredients that cause more harm than good. This eye cream is a dream! It's super supple and not at all heavy. My skin literally sucks this stuff right up! I wake up looking like I've actually slept HOW BOW DAH! 

Evan Healy French Rose Clay Mask $26.50 - I have been using Evan Healy clay masks for years! The green tea clay is my absolute fave, and I just recently discovered this amazing French Rose version. The green tea mask is a little more aggressive and will leave your skin pretty pink for some time after removing it. This mask is pink going on, but is made for sensitive and congested skin types so it leaves no irritation. It also has a bit of grain to it for exfoliation as you rinse it away, leaving you with clean, smooth and happy feeling skin.

Heritage Store Rose Water $9 - I have come back to this product after a few years of not using it. I used to purchase the version with Glycerine, but I found it to be irritating to my skin. I came across the non-glycerine version and I love it. I like to spray it on after using my rose clay mask to help soothe my skin. I also love adding some to my bath for that light rose scent.

What are some of your favorite products?


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