I started this blog as a passion project, to share a little bit of my daily life: style, diy, recipes, beauty, travel, food and more.

This site has a little bit of everything I love, and it has grown and changed with me over the last few years. As for style, I'm very much a dress-for-comfort type of person. I feel the most confident in tried and true pieces that don't require a whole lot of fuss. I love to mix both high end and thrifty items into my wardrobe... and although I can be a sucker for accessories, I'll forever be a 'jeans and tee' kind of girl.

I love interior design and pride myself on being a self-proclaimed DIY Queen. I have a thing for rugs and textiles (some may call it a problem). I'm a health enthusiast with a sweet tooth, and you'll often find my favorite 'healthified' treat recipes on this blog. I have a quick wit (and sometimes a dirty mouth), love old books and deep conversation.

Feel free to say hello!